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our sprayer truck

Our sprayer truck

We are located in the heart of the Inland Empire with a service area of Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana. Spray Foam Insulators, LLC uses state of the art equipment in a fully self contained truck to complete your job. Whether open cell or closed cell foam, give us a call.

Remember, the lowest cost energy to produce is the energy we can save.

Our carbon footprint can be drastically reduced by reducing the demand on our heating and cooling systems.  In some cases, we can reduce sizes of these systems, thus saving additional costs.

A Note from the Owner;

I have spent the better part of my career in the commercial construction industry right here in Eastern Washington.  It gives me great pleasure to see that the public is really embracing the idea of the green movement.  With cold winters and hot summers, I have always been focused on constructing the most comfortable and best performing buildings.

In 1994,  I started my career in the residential sector where we were building homes under the “Super Good Cents” Program, and have realized the importance of taking energy conservation to the next level.

As our energy sources become depleted, the costs are only going to rise.  Let us help you build the most sustainable and energy efficient project with the best insulation on the market today.