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Choosing the right insulation for your home or commercial building is an important investment. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) won’t sag or deteriorate over time like fiberglass will. Additionally, SPF provides a superior barrier to moisture and sound. With SPF, you will be saving money on your energy

On the left below is an example of a failed fiberglass insulation system in a commercial building. The silver foil facing is supposed to be the vapor barrier. Below it is the fix we provided. Mouse over each for more information.

Spray polyurethane foam or SPF as it is commonly called, drastically reduces heating & cooling bills when compared to conventional insulation, such as fiberglass or blown cellulose. We are talking a potential of 30% to 50% energy savings.


Failed Insulation

Notice the discoloration of the fiberglass due to contaminants infiltrating the system.


The Fix

A much cleaner and fully bonded Insulation and vapor barrier system.


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